Join the White Mills Fire Department | Can you fill these boots?

Our mission statement is "The recruitment and recognition of those community minded individuals who are willing to help their neighbors"

High fuel costs, ever increasing property & school taxes and outrageous real estate values have forced families to have multiple incomes and/or travel outside the area for higher paying jobs. All this is evident by the limited daytime crews most departments are experiencing. It is not uncommon for deptartments to be toned out 2 or 3 times before any apparatus responds. Everyday, membership dwindles because of family matters, job changes, health issues, even lifestyle changes. Everyone has less free time but being a volunteer firefighter can be very rewarding.

It's certainly not for everyone, only for those who care about others. The next 5-10 years will be a critical time for the volunteer fire service. You don't just become a firefighter overnight. It takes years of training and experience to become proficient at saving lives. There are also many titles available to a volunteer; you don't have to fight fires. There is fund raising, maintenance on trucks and buildings, book-keeping and many other jobs required to run the department. Any talent can be utilized and all time volunteered will be appreciated.

As many lifelong residents have witnessed, taxes have increased with the demand on services required to support our area’s growth. Although most newcomers feel they're getting a bargain compared to large metropolatin cities, volunteers help keep costs at bay. Municipalities would be forced to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to finance a paid fire dept, resulting in higher taxes!

So, become part of a team, stop by your local fire department today!

Please click here to email the department about becoming a member.